United to Rescue

Rescuing the Addicted

of Asia Pacific

Matthew 28:16-20

United to Rescue exists for the sole purpose of reaching the addicted children, youth and adults of the Asia Pacific region with the message of hope. This is done by the founding of Teen Challenge Centers in those countries where none exist and supporting those centers where they are already established. Teen Challenge, with over 1000 centers worldwide, is a long term residential program. For over 50 years, Teen Challenge has a track record as the proven cure for the drug epidemic.
Meet Noun

Meet Noun

I am 13 years old. I come from the slums of Phnom Penh. I have 5 siblings. I am an orphan. Life without parents is like a car without steering. I had to go out to the streets, scavenge rubbish & shine shoes to earn money. I met a lot of friends. They introduced me to inhaling glue. I thought it was feeling very happy. After a little while, it did not make me happy. I went to Teen Challenge. They counseled me & helped me to realize the dangerous path I was walking, helped me to start taking responsibility for my life & find a good way to becoming a constructive member of society. They taught me skills, so that I can help myself when I graduate from the program. The most important thing is that they introduced me to God. It is He who changed me. I want to thank Teen Challenge & their partners for helping me get clean & for this new life I have.
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